Medication Refills

If  need medication refills, please call your pharmacy and have them fax a request form to our office. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be approved.

Controlled Substances

If you are requesting a refill on a controlled substancethat must be handwritten, please call the office at least one business day before you need your prescription and we will have your written prescription ready for pick-up on the following business day, if due. 

  • For most controlled substances, patients must be seen at least once, every one to three months. Each case is assessed individually. If you are required to present for periodic appointments and fail to appear, your treatment may be paused until you are seen in the office
  • Patients who are prescribed controlled substances may be subject to random drug screen to ensure adherence to medical treatment
  • Self Pay Patients will be charged $20 for a Nurse's Visit
  • Insured patients may be charged their copay, this varies with insurance plans 
  • PLEASE NOTE that we are not a pain management clinic. If you require long-term treatment  of chronic pain then you will be referred to a pain management clinic.

Rushed Refill

If you request a refill on the day your prescriptions are due or they must be rushed for any reason:

  • There will be an additional $10 charged to prescription pick-ups
  • There will be a rush fee of $10 added to your account for refilled scripts that are called-in or faxed to the pharmacy.

Please Do NOT WAIT until you are out of medication to contact the office!

Prior Authorizations​

Placing your needs first, the physician does their best to prescribe within the coverage limits of your insurance company. Unfortunately, the medical professional may decide that you are in need of a medication that your insurance company does not cover. In this case, the provider will either prescribe an alternative or the staff will complete a prior authorization. 

  • ​If a prior authorization is necessary, you will be given the following options:
    • ​Find a similar physician approved drug that is on your formulary
    • Pay for prescription out-of-pocket. (drug discount card available)
    • ​Request that we conduct prior authorization. A $10 administrative fee will be assessed regardless of outcome.


Considering address of patient, insurance, and level of urgency, specialists are selected on a case by case basis for each patient requiring a referral. If you would like to select your own specialist, please inform a member of our staff as soon as you are informed about the necessity of a referral.

After being referred, if you are not satisfied with the referral for any reason, discharged from the provider's practice, or simply request that another referral be completed, then we will complete another referral upon receipt of a $20 administrative fee. 

If you are referred to a provider who is unable to accept your insurance then we will complete another referral at no additional fee.

Paperwork & Letters

If you need paperwork to be filled out or a letter written, please give the office 5 business days.
​An administrative fee between $20 - $50 will be assessed.

  • If the paperwork is 3 or more pages, you will need to make an appointment.
  • ​If the paperwork is for disability determination, you will need to make an appointment. 

Appointments for paperwork and letters are not considered urgent. 

Disclosing Patient Information

We take the privacy of our patients very seriously. 

In order for a patient's protected health information to be released, we must have signed, HIPAA compliant authorization on file from the subject patient.

  • The  exceptions to this is in the case of another provider who is providing care to the subject patient, patient's insurance company, and authorized government agencies.

In order for a patient's information to be discussed with any individual who is not the subject patient, we must have an updated and signed medical information release on file. 

  • This form becomes invalid after 90 days and should be updated every 90 days if the subject patient would like his or her information discussed with another individual.
  • We must have signed medical information release to discuss information with parents, children, spouses, friends, and anyone else who is not the subject patient.

Though we understand it may be an inconvenience, if the signed release has expired or is not available, medical information will not be discussed or disclosed with anyone who is not the subject patient unless there is a documented power of attorney.

Updating Information

  • It is your responsibility as a patient to ensure that our files reflect your updated contact and insurance information. 
  • It is not a requirement, but is strongly recommended, that you register for patient portal. This allows you to update your information without calling the office or appearing in person. Also, this feature grants you access to your medical records and notifies you of upcoming appointments. 


Scheduling regular Check-ups:

These appointments are not considered urgent appointments. Please schedule these appointments at least 3 weeks prior to your requested appointment time. 

No-Show and Same-Day Cancellations:
If you do not show up for your appointment or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be assessed a fee of $25. No exceptions. 
Please give us a 24-hour notice of your cancellation so that we can accommodate other patients who may need to be seen for urgent issues. 

If you No-Show three times in one calendar year, you will be discharged as a patient. You may or may not be granted an opportunity to submit a written appeal, each case is evaluated individually.


If you are running late for your appointment, please call the office. You are permitted a 20-minute grace period. If you are any later than 20 minutes, you will be assessed a
$25 No-show fee even if you are still worked in for an appointment.

Walk-Ins & Urgent Appointments

  • ​Urgent Appointments & Hospital Follow-Ups:
    If you have recently been discharged from the hospital or are experiencing  an urgent issue, we will accommodate you in a timely fashion although you are subject to an extended in-office wait time. Please call the office.

  • Non-Urgent Walk-Ins
    If you are not experiencing symptoms that are deemed urgent by a medical professional and would like to be seen without an appointment as a walk-in, you will be assessed a convenience fee of $30 in addition to any other fees, co-payments, co-insurances, or past due balances that may be due. This is permitted for existing patients only. 


Phone: 706-684-0588


Please familiarize yourself with the following policies as they have been created to optimize your care.
Please check this page periodically as policies may be updated.
Any time frame referenced below refers to business hours.

Anointed Hands Medical

Drug Screening

  • Patients who are prescribed scheduled medications will be randomly drug tested throughout the year to ensure adherence to medical treatment.
  • If, for any reason, you refuse to take a drug screen, your treatment will be paused and you may be discharged as a patient.
  • If your drug screen results are contradictory to our record of treatment, you treatment will be paused and you may be discharged as a patient.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit card, and debit card. We do not accept checks. 

Suboxone Treatment Program

Dr. Lorrie Richardson-O'Neal, MD is certified to prescribe suboxone and treat opioid dependency. 

  • This program does require an application
  • This program requires that patients present every month for a face-to-face visit prior to receiving suboxone refills
  • Patients in this program are subject to no less than six drug screens per calender year. 

Discharged Patients

If you are being discharged as a patient then you will be notified in the form of a letter addressed to the location that we have on file for you.

  • Your discharge may or may not come with the option of writing a written appeal.
  • Once you are discharged, we will continue to treat any acute issues that may arise for 30 days.
  • Once the 30 days have passed, we will no longer be responsible for your medical care
  • We are not responsible for referring you to a new provider
  • ​Your balance is due in full at the end of the 30 day period.

New Patients 
Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork and patient intake. You may also download the paperwork (links below) to save time in the office.

Please have your past medical records with you OR know the name, address, phone number, and fax number of your previous physician's office as we MUST obtain your previous medical records

If you prefer to complete a majority of your paperwork electronically, please provide your email address when making your appointment.